Minorities and Struggling Nations of Indian Peninsula Must Unite | Kanwarpal Singh (Dal Khalsa)

Dal Khalsa, a pro-freedom group of the Sikhs held a gathering at Gurdwara Guru Nanak Mission in Jalandhar on 14th August 2017. The conference held by Dal Khalsa took serious note of misuse of archaic sedition laws, denial of the right to self determination to ethnic minorities, lynching of Dalits and Muslims by Gau Rakshaks (cow-vigilantes) and imposing pseudo-nationalism on minorities. Furthermore, coming dowing heavliy upon sedition laws, the speakers termed it anachronistic law and described it as “highly objectionable and obnoxious.

This is the video recording of the speech given by Dal Khalsa Spokesman Kanwarpal Singh while addressing the party activists. He stressed that minorities, struggling sections and struggling nations of the Indian peninsula must unite to safeguard their interests.